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A beautiful kilim rug, hand loomed in Morocco using traditional techniques. These Rugs are made by the Berber women. Worked with amazing patterns and colors the Rug tells the story of the ancient tribals. These Rugs are finalized in different ways. Some have a border and some might have fringe while others will not and some weavers have decided to have fringe on one end only. The rugs are hand-loomed and last a lifetime if not more.

This work has been past over from generation to generation and has resulted in outstanding products. These Rugs are made of wool and give you an amazing look to your interior. This beautiful piece of work is definitely a masterpiece a work of art, which provide beauty for a lifetime. With proper care, colors will not fade and will not wear out, leaving a rug that can be passed down for generations.

Safia Soft Kilim rug | Berber Rug | Atlas Rug | Bohemian rug | Code : 1004

  • Size: 140 X 250 CM / 4.5 X 8.20 ft
    Material: Wool
    Weight: 4 Kg
    Detail: fringe on 1 short side

    Code : 1004


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