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Handmade from Morocco with love


The Moroccan Craftsmen, whom we work with, are professionals and have a passion for what they do. You can definitely see that back into their work, which takes a lot of precision, dedication and hard work.

Like the Moroccan lamps, very popular, their beautiful effects and appearances, available in different shapes, sizes and made of materials like Alpaca Silver, Brass, Metal, etc. The beautiful coloured glass definitely gives the final touch.


Leather has been on of the oldest material the Craftsman worked with. They use leather for decorative things like fashion accessories, bags, clutches, jackets boots and so on, they even use it for office material, document holders etc.

As in home decoration, we can’t forget to mention the amazing Pouffes, very useful to sit on, as an footstool or place a tray on it (a flat one because you don’t want to damage them), and you’ll have an extra table. Check our products to see!




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