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About the Rugs:


The traditional style and patterns of the Beni Ourain rugs consists most of times the geometric black or brown lines that create abstract and diamond shapes on a cream or whitish background. These Rugs are finalized in different ways. Some have a border and some might have fringe while others will not and some weavers have decided to have fringe on one end only. The rugs are hand-woven and last a lifetime if not more.


Originally, these Rugs were used as bedspreads or blankets and not decorative floor coverings, mostly given as a wedding gift to the bride. They formed a way for the Berber people to keep warm in the harsh atmosphere of the Atlas Mountains.


These Rugs have been designed and woven by hand by the Berber women living in the Atlas Mountains area of Morocco. This work has been past over from generation to generation and has resulted in outstanding products. These Rugs are made of 100% pure Wool and give you an amazing look to your interior. This beautiful piece of work is definitely a masterpiece a work of art, which provide beauty for a lifetime. With proper care, colors will not fade and wool will not wear out, leaving a rug that can be passed down for generations.

An extraordinary piece of Art to enjoy everyday, made of 100% pure Wool with love from Morocco!

This is the chance to get your own masterpiece of Art for an amazing interior.

Moroccan Genuine 100% Wool Beni Ourain Rug (BO42)

£450.00 Regular Price
£405.00Sale Price
  • Size: 165 X 232 CM / 5.4 X 7.6 ft
    Weight: 10 Kg
    Color: Ivory with Black Marks
    Detail: fringe on 1 side

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