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In the most cultures food brings people together, this is also the case in Morocco. At every occasion but specially big celebrations like weddings, people like to impress by serving the food in this special Food Dome. It's handmade of Alpaca Silver. The perfect way to impress someone if you want to serve food. Different sizes available.

The Maliki Food Dome contains: Serving tray and Cover.

Excellent for Moroccan food but also for other food to cover, who would you like to impress??

Cloche /Serving Tray with lid / Food Dome

  • Sizes available:

    - Small ⌀ 20 cm (CL30)
    - Medium ⌀ 25 cm (CL31)
    - Large ⌀ 30 cm (CL32)
    - Extra Large ⌀ 40 cm (CL33)

    About the Food Dome Cover and Serving Tray:
    - Made of Alpaca Silver: an alloy of Zinc, Nickel and Iron
    - Decorated with beautiful Arabic geometrical design, all Hand hammered Surface
    - Comes in 4 different sizes
    - Handmade piece is food safe
    - Holds the food hot for a very long time
    - It's handcrafted in Morocco, official Fez stamp on the bottom
    - Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher, its recommended to hand wash and dry it with a towel
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